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The Coronavirus Podcast Episode 10

What do we do if we can't find a vaccine for COVID-19? In episode 10 of the Coronavirus Podcast host Conor Burke is joined by Tammy Hoffman, professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Bond University, to discuss non-clinical interventions and what ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast episode 9

This weeks' episode features a nurse with direct experience treating COVID-19 patients. Ashleigh Peters graduated at the end of 2018 and has been working at Westmead Hospital for nearly a year. She worked for six months in ED before changing ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast episodes 7 and 8

'The Coronavirus Podcast' is a new podcast that tackles all of the myths, research and talking points that surround the pandemic. This week we talk to Professor David Paterson from the university of Queensland Centre for Clinical research. Paterson is ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast episodes 5 and 6

The Coronavirus Podcast brings you discussion on the research, myths and news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In episode 5, host Conor Burke is joined once more by virologist Ian Mackay. They discuss Kawasaki disease, llama antibodies and 5G conspiracies. In ...

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