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The Coronavirus Podcast episode 14

This week on The Coronavirus Podcast, host Conor Burke is joined by Professor Michael Ward from the University of Sydney. Michael led a study which posits that COVID-19 may become a seasonal virus, much like the common cold or flu. ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast – episode 13

Have you ever experienced COVID-rage? That is, anger brought on by social distancing or the lack thereof. Like when you go to the shop or a cafe and people seem to have totally forgotten about social distancing and stand right ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast episode 12

This week host Conor Burke speaks to an infectious disease specialist. Along with virologists, epidemiologists and a few other 'ists', academics who have informed us about the specifics of the coronavirus have become the rockstars of science. Associate Professor Sanjaya ...

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The Coronavirus Podcast episode 11

In Episode 11 of the Coronavirus Podcast we delve into wet markets, asking: what are they, and are they bad for us? Host Conor Burke is joined by Dr Petr Matous, Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering at ...

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