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Covid-19 inquiry should support health sector

The federal government announced its Covid-19 inquiry this month. The enquire aims to analyse Australia's response to the pandemic and make recommendations to improve readiness for possible future pandemics. The final report is due September 2024, and will include a ...

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NSW and QLD report alarming uptick in flu cases

Australia is facing a sharp rise in influenza cases across several states, including New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland, putting health authorities on alert. While Covid cases in Australia have decreased by 20 per cent compared to last week, there's been a ...

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Covid-19 linked to long-term neuron damage: study

A recent study has revealed a potential link between Covid-19 and neurological symptoms, such as brain fog, raising concerns about the long-term health implications. Research conducted by scientists at Macquarie University uncovered that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could fuse brain cells ...

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Surprising long Covid-19 symptom in children

The health system is not well set up to appropriately respond to long Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 conditions among children, including addressing serious mental health issues, a parliamentary inquiry has been told. Paediatric infectious diseases physician Philip Britton told the committee on Monday ...

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