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Bedwetting myths aired out in new guide

In the lead-up to World Bedwetting Day on May 29, a new guide is highlighting the impact that nocturnal enuresis can have on a child – the condition can affect a person's emotional, psychological and social development and might result ...

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Too few talk end of life: peak

We make plans for our holidays, careers and families but a new study shows just how many Australians baulk when it comes to preparing for the inevitable – their death. Only one in four Australians have had a conversation with ...

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Bill introduced to protect women seeking abortions

A Labor MP pushing for safe zones around NSW abortion clinics says it's ironic that whales passing the state's coast are offered more protection than women seeking terminations who are regularly abused when seeking healthcare. A private member's 'safe access' ...

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Exciting developments in the future of nursing

The health sector is undergoing rapid and widespread change. Substantial technological developments are opening new avenues for diagnosing and caring for patients. The implementation and ongoing utilisation of this technology depends on qualified individuals being provided with the skills and ...

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Nursing gongs recognise patient advocates, visionaries

People with liver disease in south-east Queensland can access mobile, life-saving treatments, West Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are treated better when accessing health services, and patients with difficulty communicating are able to make their preferences known – ...

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