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NSW Ambulance faces paramedic class action

More than 100 paramedics will launch a class action against NSW Ambulance after their private health records were leaked to personal injury law firms. A NSW Ambulance contractor was convicted last year after accessing and selling the worker's compensation files ...

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Hope for diagnosing lung cancer sooner

A new initiative is successfully encouraging those at higher risk of lung cancer to act sooner when symptoms appear. The promising results of the first of its kind trial - to be presented at a oncology conference in Sydney on ...

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‘Closing the gap’ impedes health outcomes

A focus on 'closing the gap' has hidden the "huge" gains made in indigenous health outcomes and obstructs future progress, says a population health expert. Ray Lovett from the Australian National University says over the past 20 years the rates ...

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Indigenous dying of HIV-related virus

Indigenous Australians in remote communities are dying from a little-known HIV-related virus and drastic action from the federal government is needed, an infectious diseases expert warns. The human T cell Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV-1) attacks the immune system by infecting a ...

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Chemo under-dosing inquest resumes

The underdosing of a leukaemia patient in Adelaide could have led to her death but is not absolutely proveable, an inquest has heard. A South Australian coroner has resumed an inquiry into the deaths of four people who were among ...

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End of life research given funding boost

Australia is set to become a leader in palliative care research, thanks to a $60 million grand for end-of-life care projects. South Australia will particularly benefit, as Flinders University received $8 million for its palliative care related research. College of ...

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