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Research breakthrough in disease affecting 1-in-10 women

Researchers are one step closer to identifying genes linked to a gynecological disease affecting 1-in-10 Australian women. A global study into the genetic causes of endometriosis has identified a wider array of genetic links to the disease than what was previously ...

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Sugar cells new frontier to attack cancer

Australian scientists are leading the world in a new and unique approach to fighting some of the most common cancers with the launch of the Australian Centre for Cancer Glycomics at Griffith University. The new field of research involves targeting ...

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Antibiotics for pneumonia failing many

One-in-four patients with pneumonia don't respond to antibiotics, leading to calls for older Australians to get vaccinated against a deadly strain of the serious lung infection. A US study of 250,000 people presented at the American Thoracic Society International conference ...

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Chocolate may prevent irregular heart beat

Moderate consumption of chocolate has been linked to a lower risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF), an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to stroke if untreated. Research published in the journal Heart found the rate of AF was lower ...

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Exercise link to cancer survival

The impact exercise has on surviving many common cancers can't be ignored, with Australian research showing the risk of dying may be reduced by nearly a half by regularly walking and lifting moderate weights. A review of more than 100 ...

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Aspirin being used to treat pre-eclampsia

Aspirin and early detection are helping to save the lives of Australian women and babies at risk of dying from the pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia. Researchers at The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne discovered in the lab that low-dose aspirin inhibits ...

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Critical call out for O-type blood donors

Australia's reserves of O-type blood have fallen to a dangerously low two-day supply and people with O-Positive and O-Negative blood types are being urged to roll up their sleeves and donate. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service says 8000 people ...

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Queensland commission to tackle obesity, diabetes

A special body will be established to tackle obesity in Queensland, with a particular focus on reducing the rate of diabetes. Health minister Cameron Dick said he would introduce legislation to parliament this week to set up the Healthy Futures ...

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