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Many diabetics not willing to use insulin

For many Australians with diabetes being told they need to start injecting insulin is scary. But delaying its use is risky to longterm health, experts warn. New research released by Diabetes Australia shows that one in four Australians with type 2 ...

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Prostate cancer treatment halved

A new, potent form of radiation therapy for men with prostate cancer halves treatment time, a study has shown. Australian researchers are celebrating the results of an international clinical trial which has shown radiation therapy for prostate cancer can safely ...

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Hayfever hiding thunderstorm asthma risk

People who suffer from hayfever should have asthma medications in arms reach at all times especially in pollen season, lung experts are advising. New research presented at the Thoracic Society for Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting in ...

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How alcohol poisoning affects the body

When does drinking become toxic? On average, a liver can process one standard drink per hour. Anything more, and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) begins to rise. A large amount of alcohol in a short period of time can push BAC ...

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Big brain cancer study offers ray of hope

For far too long little has been known about who's at risk of brain cancer, a rare yet deadly disease that appears to strike people at random. That, however, is changing, with scientists uncovering 13 new genetic errors associated with ...

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