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Prisoner’s birthing experience in cell ‘degrading’

An inmate gave birth alone in her unsterile West Australian cell in circumstances the prison's inspector has described as distressing, degrading and high risk. The woman indicated to staff at Bandyup Women's Prison just over two hours before she gave ...

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Study to question whether anaesthetic gas fuels cancer recurrence

A Melbourne-led study will investigate whether anaesthetic gas given to patients undergoing cancer surgery can lead to a return of the disease. About 5700 patients having lung or colorectal cancer surgery will take part in the five-year international study examining cancer recurrence ...

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App checks for anaemia using fingernail photo

An app has been developed that enables smartphone users to check for anaemia simply by snapping a picture of their fingernails. The software records levels of haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells, by measuring the paleness of the ...

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