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Mind matters

Joining the dots between mental health and triage. For the past year, Tim Wand has been running a pilot mental health nurse practitioner outpatient service in the emergency department of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. “It’s a clinical orientated role,” ...

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Making surgery less scary for kids

Surgery can be traumatic for children – and their parents. Surgery can be traumatic for children – and their parents. But it doesn’t have to be, with research released on how hospitals and the perioperative team can minimise the anxiety ...

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Building relationships

Networks are being establsihed to support the development of interdisciplinary collaboration of mental health providers in the primary care sector. In Australia, around one in five people will experience a mental illness at some stage of their life. While many ...

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Meeting the needs of patients and nurses

Supporting nurses in expanding their knowledge of cancer care is one of the main functions of the first ever academic chair in cancer nursing for NSW. Professor Kate White, Associate Dean (research) of University of Sydney’s faculty of nursing and ...

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Lack of staff leaves sick kids waiting

A shortage of intensive care nurses is leaving children waiting to receive the help they need. Each day six Australian children are born with heart problems, with many requiring operations to give them a chance at life. Childhood heart disease ...

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