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Where theory meets practice

Academia and clinical practice unite at a newly launched institute that will allow nurses to take the lead in research. The name may not easily roll of the tongue, but the St Vincent’s and Mater Health Sydney and Australian Catholic ...

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Get ’em while they’re young

The need for more aged care nurses is growing more urgent every year, but providers can act to minimise the recruitment challenge, writes Darragh O Keeffe. Providing positive and meaningful placements to trainee nurses and high school students will help ...

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Beyond words

The use of arts as a therapeutic tool in dementia care is growing. Darragh O Keeffe reports on the new movement in Australia. Ten years ago Dr Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka knew next to nothing about dementia. But an unlikely friendship with ...

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Hospitals must spend money to save money

Home visits by nurses has the potential to save money and patients. An intervention program that includes home visits by nurses has the potential to not only reduce the risk of emergency readmissions among the elderly, but also save hospitals ...

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From rehab to Wiihab

Computer games in aged care have a more important role than merely recreational, writes Linda Belardi. Use of the Nintendo Wii as a therapeutic tool in aged care facilities can have positive effects on the physical and psychological symptoms of ...

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A team approach is key

One-on-one training is improving aged care staff’s confidence and knowledge of medicines. Darragh O Keeffe reports. Residential aged care homes in South Australia and Victoria are involved in a new project to promote the most effective use of “when required” ...

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