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Lack of staff leaves sick kids waiting

A shortage of intensive care nurses is leaving children waiting to receive the help they need. Each day six Australian children are born with heart problems, with many requiring operations to give them a chance at life. Childhood heart disease ...

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In the event of an outbreak

Knowing what to do in an outbreak, and having the supplies on site to handle it, is the purpose of one provider’s newly developed kits, writes Darragh O Keeffe. It’s been such a relief for staff. They feel more equipped ...

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New challenges around every corner

The Defence Force is taking nurses to all parts of the world. Hanging out of a helicopter isn’t something one would expect to see in the job description of a nurse, but that is why Major Eraine La Galle is ...

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When the smallest difference counts

Many nurses will at times feel like they work in a war zone, but for Sydney nurse Julie Gawthorne it wasn’t just a feeling, but a reality. Annie May reports. Children dying from diseases easily treated with modern medicine, incredible ...

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