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Anorexics force legal decision

The courts can face a real dilemma, legally and ethically, when it comes to patients with a life-threatening eating disorder. By Scott Trueman. A highly cherished ethical principle that courts jealously guard is that of autonomy; the patient's right to ...

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Duty of care expanded

Nursing staff have to be aware that a patient's sexual partners must be considered in ongoing treatment. A recent court decision in NSW highlights that health professionals, including nursing and administrative staff, have a duty of care which can extend ...

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Listening to the voice of nursing

Debra Thoms, the head of the Australian College of Nursing, talks to Amie Larter about the merger and current focus of the organisation What first prompted your choice for a career in nursing? When I left school I could not ...

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Be it noted, keep records

Scott Trueman discusses the crucial importance of nursing documentation in legal proceedings. Nursing documentation or “nursing notes” have several functions not least of which are to record faithfully and actually what occurred at the relevant time. Such documentation is highly ...

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