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From rehab to Wiihab

Computer games in aged care have a more important role than merely recreational, writes Linda Belardi. Use of the Nintendo Wii as a therapeutic tool in aged care facilities can have positive effects on the physical and psychological symptoms of ...

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Electronic underpants skin friendly

New technology is making the lives of incontinence sufferers and carers easier. The effective and discreet management of continence is an important issue for many residents of aged care homes. Incontinence impacts on an individual’s health, independence and dignity with ...

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Ending the embarrassment

An award winning UK invention that brought women back out of hiding has now arrived in Australia. At 50 years young, Britain’s Carole Kendall felt, for the first time, free to enjoy life. However, this turned out to be fleeting ...

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Making surgery less scary for kids

Surgery can be traumatic for children – and their parents. Surgery can be traumatic for children – and their parents. But it doesn’t have to be, with research released on how hospitals and the perioperative team can minimise the anxiety ...

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Staff of the future?

Aged care could see its first robots within the next few years. The same robot technology that guides massive machines around Australian mine sites could be delivering cups of tea in aged-care homes within a decade, a robotics expert says. ...

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Gain without the pain

New technology is improving treatment options for those living with multiple sclerosis, writes Annie May. For the 18,000 Australians living with multiple sclerosis, up until now, treatment options often came in the form of regular painful injections. Problems with self ...

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