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The nurse’s role in transforming healthcare

As the world continues to navigate through an unprecedented and ever-changing pandemic, the role of nurses remains visibly crucial to the care of patients. After all, it is our nurses who spend, and continue to spend, enormous amounts of time providing direct care to patients who ...

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Advocate on a higher level

The role of the nurse has probably never been more important in society than today. An ageing population combined with record hospital admissions and cuts to health budgets around the country, topped with pressure to discharge patients as soon as ...

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Into the fray

Opportunities abound for leadership and reform as new WA chief nurse takes office.  Meet WA’s new chief nurse and midwifery officer, Karen Bradley. An RN with a master’s degree in leadership, Bradley has more than 25 years’ experience within a variety ...

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Leadership and culture change

Leadership has a key role in determining culture, but all of us can have an influence on the culture in which we work. We hear in our daily work many comments about the culture of the workplace. At times these ...

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Apple Isle feels the squeeze

Amie Larter talks to Neroli Ellis about the state of nursing in Tasmania. What were the main challenges for nurses in Tasmania throughout 2011- 2012? The significant budget cuts in health in this financial year resulted in the closure of ...

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Nursing Accord 2010

Summit delegates called on RCNA to provide a platform from which the nursing profession can demonstrate unity and call for collective action. At the Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) National Nursing Summit held in Canberra over two days from ...

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