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Eyes help spy melanoma risk: study

When it comes to indicating melanoma risk, the eyes have it. University of Queensland researchers have found that freckles and moles appearing on the iris were an effective predictor of the risk of melanoma and complemented traditional factors. Dermatology Research Centre’s ...

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Whistleblowing: what leads a nurse to make the call?

A number of human factors influence the way managers within organisations address patient safety concerns. One is wilful blindness. The phenomenon of wilful blindness has been described by Heffernan (2011, p. 3) as “shirking” the “opportunity for knowledge, and a ...

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Teen in court over Gold Coast nurse attack

A gang of four youths were checking door locks in an attempt to break into cars at a Gold Coast hospital car park when they attacked and abducted a nurse, police allege. Joe Brooker, 25, was on a meal break ...

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