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Covid-19 inquiry should support health sector

The federal government announced its Covid-19 inquiry this month. The enquire aims to analyse Australia's response to the pandemic and make recommendations to improve readiness for possible future pandemics. The final report is due September 2024, and will include a ...

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Healthcare workforce grew the most this quarter

The labour market update for 2023's September quarter found employment grew the most in the aged and disabled carer, registered nurse and child carer workforces in the year to June 2023. The Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) report recognised these ...

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Midwife shortage must be addressed: Q&A

Chronic shortages of midwives in hospitals are causing various workforce issues, such as ineffective leadership and burnout – leading to a dire future for the midwifery workforce. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reported a record number of babies ...

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