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Population explosion called health threat

Population growth is placing pressure on Australia’s public health, a peak body has warned. On February 16, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the nation’s population reached 24 million. Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) chief executive Michael Moore said: “As ...

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Parkinson’s lesser-known symptoms get spotlight

Healthcare workers attuned to the hidden bladder and bowel symptoms of Parkinson’s are better able to help mitigate their added burden, and peak bodies are working to raise awareness. Ahead of World Parkinson’s Day, on April 11, the Continence Foundation of Australia ...

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Lower income raises osteoporosis risk

The stress associated with social disadvantage could be putting people at higher risk of developing osteoporosis, new research has revealed. An international team of researchers have suggested the stress triggers a genetic response in the body that puts people at ...

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Energy drinks linked to heart troubles, researchers say

Energy drinks might be sending people to emergency departments. New research has linked the beverages to adverse heart reactions. A University of Adelaide study reviewed patients with heart palpitations aged 13–40 attending an emergency department in South Australia, and found more than ...

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