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Power naps work, expert says

There is growing evidence that napping may improve productivity and safety at work, a sleep expert has said. RMIT University's Dr Melinda Jackson, a registered psychologist who specialises in sleep disorders, said there is mounting evidence that napping during a shift ...

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Seize the opportunity to reform scope of practice

Health reform gives nurses a golden opportunity to develop a new vision for what the profession can be in the future. Understanding scope of practice is an important part of seizing this chance. Allison Willis, principal consultant at the Health Objective, made this point with ...

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Image of good health: Avatars can help nurses teach

Avatars can compensate for literacy issues by relaying important messages to patients, an Australian researcher told attendees of an international nursing conference. Professor Robyn Clark from Flinders University, said using avatars – figures, often cartoons, that depict a person digitally ...

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When babies don’t survive

Parents whose babies are dying could be better supported and the core task for nurses during such a time is engagement with and empowerment of parents. These are among the key points Dr Andrew Watkins, from Mercy Hospital in Melbourne, raised during ...

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Wisdom for times of transition

The Hospital for Specialist Surgery officially launched today, designed and run by 48 specialist doctors. The hospital is the creation of a group of professionals at a day surgery clinic in Castle Hill, who decided to set up a larger scale hospital ...

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