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Defence suicide rate lower than community

New insights into the mental health of Australia’s defence force. Australian defence personnel commit suicide at a lower rate than the general community but think about it more often, a new study has revealed. The rate of alcohol abuse is ...

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Lightening the load with team work

Collaborative care for the management of depression, heart disease and diabetes brings positive results. By Annie May. Practice nurses can improve depression in patients with diabetes and heart disease, a recent study has found. Researchers from the Greater Green Triangle ...

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Oz nurses more stressed

A new study finds Australian nurses report greater job strain than their New Zealand counterparts, writes Fiona Cassie. Australian nurses are more likely to report high job strain than their New Zealand counterparts, the early data from a major longitudinal ...

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Psychiatrists warn of flood trauma

Governments urged to provide increased and targeted mental health services to affected people. People affected by the floods devastating Queensland are being urged to look after their mental health. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists is warning ...

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Gap in care jeopardising recovery

Urgent action is needed to treat depression in cancer patients. The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and the Australian Nursing Federation are concerned that systematic failures are leading to a lack of depression diagnosis for women with breast cancer. ...

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Greater focus needed on early treatment

Nurses use Mental Health Week to call for more action to treat chronic illness. The detrimental impact of untreated mental health disorders on patients suffering from chronic illnesses will be a focus of Mental Health Week. ANF federal secretary Lee ...

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