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Save on public health, go green

The benefits of taking action on climate change now exceed the financial and health costs of further delays.  As a member of the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), the Australian College of Nursing recognises the likely threat of climate change ...

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Election Focus: primary healthcare is critical

Nursing leaders have spoken out about a raft of issues including primary healthcare reform, and are calling on nurses to become more vocal in public debate.  Primary healthcare reform and nursing workforce concerns are among the critical health issues that ...

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What is a climate-friendly hospital?

Hospitals are responding to climate change, but many nurses still don't understand the issue. By Teresa Lewis In response to Dr Liz Hanna's article Dealing with climate change (Nursing Review, page 16, February), I wholeheartedly agree with the need to ...

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Climate change a threat to health

Health professionals have backed a Climate Commission report that warns of the threat to the young and old of a warmer planet. By Cathy Wever. Climate change has implications we are only beginning to truly comprehend. While natural resource depletion ...

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