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Royal commission Sydney hearing: final days

The last two days of the Sydney hearing kept up the theme of medical restraints in aged care. Josef Ibrahim spoke at length on psychotropic misuse and we also heard from Christina Bolger, executive director, regulatory policy and performance at ...

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Facial recognition pain tool rolling out nationally

A tool that uses facial recognition software to detect pain in the elderly and people with dementia is making its way across Australian residential aged care villages. Known as PainChek, its national rollout via Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is now underway ...

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Report: actions may shrink dementia risk

Report suggests lifestyle factors can have a substantial impact on prevalence.  New evidence suggests prevalence rates for dementia may not be set in stone. “There is evidence from recent studies in Europe that the age-specific rates of dementia may be ...

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Dementia spending ‘substantial’: govt

Butler to recommend dementia to be added to national list of health priorities. The federal government will spend almost $270 million on the care and diagnosis of dementia sufferers, but the money falls short of calls by Alzheimer's Australia for ...

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