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Young COVID-19 nurse wins scholarship

A Melbourne COVID-19 nurse has been awarded a national scholarship in efforts to develop more leadership roles for women in health. Le Truong, 32, was selected to receive the Leadership in Nursing Scholarship by Chief Executive Women, after leading 50 ...

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The nurse’s role in transforming healthcare

As the world continues to navigate through an unprecedented and ever-changing pandemic, the role of nurses remains visibly crucial to the care of patients. After all, it is our nurses who spend, and continue to spend, enormous amounts of time providing direct care to patients who ...

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The struggle for legitimacy: nursing in Australia

At the recent ACN National Nursing Forum Georgina Willetts gave the key note speech on nursing's past, present and future. Willetts joined the profession aged 17 because she "didn’t want to go to university," and had no aspirations of leadership or pursuing a ...

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Leading to something better

Nurse leadership – important for the workforce and the community. The Australian College of Nursing’s new strategic direction positions ACN as the national organisation for nurse leaders and those with an interest in nurse leadership. This new direction recognises the ...

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Leadership the key to quality of care

At the recent National Nursing Forum, a searching and necessary conversation opened up the pressing issue of standards of care and the public perception of nurses.  "The causes of disasters in care, such as at Mid-Staffordshire, were identified: inadequacy of ...

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