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Biggest workplace gripes

From workload to equipment problems, Australian nurses sound off in our survey on the largest obstacles to their success on the job.  Overworked, physically and verbally abused, and bullied. These words can be used to describe the nursing workforce throughout ...

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Violence a reality for NT nurses

Bullying, abuse and unemployment throw a dark shadow over the Northern Territory’s nursing industry. By Aileen Macalintal Despite a ‘zero tolerance’ stance on bullying and harassment in the workplace, the Northern Territory government seems to be failing to protect nurses ...

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Violence not part of job description

Study finds 75 per cent of nurses have experienced workplace violence and only 16 per cent make an official report. A new report revealing a high level of violence against hospital nurses highlights the need for a shift in attitudes ...

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Recognising the warning signs

Violence is a significant problem in many Australian health care settings, particularly emergency departments writes Linda Belardi. Incidents of violence in triage have increased dramatically in the past 10 years, putting the safety of nursing staff and other patients at ...

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